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April 23, 2021

We at Seaber are constantly working to make life at sea easier and safer, part of which is to collect benefits for our users. Today we work with both Tryg and Norske Sjø to provide you as a Seaber user with a better offer of insurance.

Norske Sjøs and Tryg's insurance customers are offered:

  • Seaber Boatfinder for 2 495, - (normal price 2 995, -)
  • Members with Seaber Boatfinder have no deductible when theft of a boat insured through Norske Sjø and Tryg.
  • Furthermore, a 10% discount is given on theft insurance.

Notification shall reduce theft and damage
The accompanying Boatfinder tracking device allows you to see the location of your boat at any time, and you will be notified if your boat moves when you are not sailing yourself.

"Notification and the ability to follow the boat's movements help to safeguard the values of our customers. We also know that items that are marked with alarm or tracking prevent thefts," says Hvide Smith, organizational advisor at KNBF / Norske Sjø.

If you mark your boat as missing, it will be visible as missing in the map of all users. The tracking device is battery operated and GPS-based, and can be used in any boat type.

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