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Get to know our new ambassador, Tor Jonny Reitan!

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April 30, 2021

Get to know our new ambassador, Tor Jonny Reitan!

"My name is Tor Jonny Reitan, I am a young man from Kautokeino with a home port in Tromsø. Since I first saw the Indiana Jones movies, I have been in love with adventure!" tells the Seaber ambassador. He has found the perfect way to experience new adventures, namely sailing: 

"Now my sailboat is Aquilo's best companion for new adventures. With a sailboat I can combine water and mountain sports at the same time as you experience new places and get to know new people," says Tor Jonny.

We look forward to following Tor Jonny's upcoming adventure! You can also follow him in the Seaber App, by adding him as a friend. Then you can follow the map when he sails to new destinations.

Don't have the Seaber App yet? Then you can download here .

We also share photos and videos from Tor Jonny's travels on our instagram account . You can also follow Tor Jonny directly on Instagram for updates!

"Skip oh hi! See you soon!" concludes Tor Jonny.

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