Press release: Seaber + Sensar Marine

Press release on our cooperation with Sensar Marine

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April 9, 2021

Sensar Marine and Seaber enter into a partnership to make boating life easier and safer with help
of smart technology. «The Seaber app contains, among other things, charts, social functions,
neighbor help and integration with the lifeboats. More than 20,000 Norwegian boat people downloaded the app in the summer of 2020. »says the general manager of Seaber, Trond ErikBognø.

"SmartBoat One is perhaps at the forefront of the world when it comes to an external boat monitoring system. We are now working on an integrated application solution, so that users can have access to this monitoring in a short time in the Seaber app », says CCO at SensarMarine, Kelly Moulton.

"In other words, it will be possible to integrate multiple types of tracking devices in the Seaber app,
including Sensars SmartBoat One and Seaber Boatfinder. This will allow you to monitor several parameters in the boat, such as battery and water penetration. The seaber app can also be used without a tracking device. This is part of the spring vision to make life at sea easier, safer and more social, including using Seaber's activity-based social platform, "says Bognø.

"We work towards the same goal and have the basic values. We are boat people who
working for an easier, safer boating life. We have a good dialogue, and build each other up "says Moulton.

The parties are looking forward to further cooperation. "This is the start of a long-term collaboration wherever we want
work together to ensure good solutions for the boat people, at the same time as we want
increase joint competence related to technology and the market », Bognø concludes.

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