With the sea as a sanctuary

Get to know Seaber Ambassador Veronica Sträng!

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May 21, 2021

At Seaber, we are so lucky to have several good representatives of the boat people with us on the team.

Veronica Sträng is one of our ambassadors. She was born and raised in Fredrikstad, where boating has been central.

"My sanctuary and where I get energy from is the water, so boating is an important part of my life. I have been with the family from before I could go, but then in Vansjø (fresh water). We vacationed in the big ocean, and took the Dalsland canal several times "she says.

"Now that I have my own little family with a roommate and two dogs, we have had a dinghy but with a windshield and canopy and a speedboat, now we have a worm and jet ski. And I love it - miss the speedboat then there will be another one after each "laughs Veronica.

I thrive best in outlying areas where we can be with close and acquaintances. But also love the silence all to ourselves. Boating should be as simple as possible and as safe as possible regardless. That's why Seaber's values fit me perfectly. "

You can follow on our instagram account, on Veronica's own instagram or add her as a friend in the Seaber App .

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