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March 22, 2021

Childhood boat summer

Jannecke Weeden got her first boat when she was eight years old – a Pioner 8 with 2.5 horses.

While other children played with Barbie and read Tuppen and Little Mother, Jannecke Weeden sat on the pier and pugged Båtmagasinet and competed with the neighbor boy about who could mock which outboard motor first.

Jannecke grew up on a tiny island off Tønsberg. She got her first boat when she was eight years old – a Pioner 8 with 2.5 horses.

"I learned early on to maneuver a boat and handle the outboard engine. Throughout my childhood, all outdoor activities were related to boating. When we did something together the whole family, it was at sea in a boat," says the presenter.

Taking a trip with nesoddbåten

Today Jannecke lives in Oslo, right next to Kongen Marina. She does not have her own boat, but she often hitchhikes with her friends from Tønsberg when they are going on a boat trip.

"Getting a berth in Oslo is perhaps even more problematic than being able to afford to buy a boat. That's why I don't have my own boat now. But I have friends who have a boat. And if the withdrawals get too big, I'll take a ride on the Nesodd boat," she says, adding:

And then I've started working with Seaber. Seaber has both an app and a tracking device for boats.

Fate of the Batmoboat

Through the Seaber app, you can communicate with other people who are at sea at the same time. You can also use the app to provide and get help.

"The first time I heard about Seaber, I thought, wow, isn't it already? This is a brilliant app. Both the immediate connection one gets with friends and others who are in the area, but also the opportunity to get help, says Jannecke, and tells a story about her childhood friend and her boat's fate.

– A friend of mine had a boat that we called the Batmo boat. She managed to drive on the most famous reef outside Nøtterøy. That's where the Batmo boat ended its days. In the event of such small events, you can use the app and connect with the nearest boat that can come and drag one back out to sea. The same applies if, for example, you run out of electricity or lack petrol. You don't have to involve the Rescue Company, and you can send a message to other boats in the area instead.

Strawberries with cream

Jannecke says the app can also be used to ask for small services.

The first time I heard about Seaber, I thought, wow, isn't that already? This is a brilliant app.

"I can't believe you've come out on the island, and then you've forgotten about water. Is there anyone else out there maybe, who's going home today and who has a dunk of water to be left? Or you find out that the spare jar is left on land. Or you get very bright strawberries with cream. It's boring to go all the way back once you've got out," says Jannecke.

–I've told all my friends that they need to download this app. It doesn't cost anything either," she continues.

GPS tracking

– You can also install the battery-powered GPS tracking device Seaber boatfinder. It notifies you on your phone if your boat is moving for various reasons," says Jannecke, adding:

"Then you get a message on your phone saying "hey, your boat is there and you're not there." Maybe it's about to be stolen. Because that's what happens all the time.

Mixed emotions

Jannecke has mixed feelings about the fact that her son may soon be going out and driving a boat all his way on his own.

"Maneuvering geographically at sea is an art. I think it's much safer to let my son, Elijah, 17, go out by boat when he has this app. I can watch him on the snap chart on land, and now I can also follow him to sea with Seaber," she chuckles.

Supported by the Rescue Company

"The fact that the Rescue Company endorses the app is an extra step for me who have looked up to them since I was tiny," says Jannecke, adding: " Both as a mom and as a boater, this app makes boating both nicer, easier and safer.

By Marte Frimand

(This article was first published as sponsor content in Dagbladet / Sommerguiden)

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