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The boat theft led Richard A. Nordahl to choose the Seaber Boatfinder.

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April 9, 2021

A boat theft led Richard A. Nordahl to download the app from Seaber. With GPS tracking of the boat, he now always knows where the boat is. But the best thing about the app is that he can help other boaters who need assistance at sea.

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- It is often the rope in the propeller, empty tank or engine breakdown that causes the boat people to call the emergency number, says Richard A. Nordahl, and states:

- Think about how much time we can free up for the Rescue Company just by having a good digital tool available in your pocket.

He looks out over the harbor basin in Grimstad. The pleasure boats, which are in a row, bathe in the sun. The boating season is in full swing throughout the country.

- There are probably many of the assignments at sea that could have been solved by good helpers in other leisure boats. Then the Rescue Company could concentrate on the important assignments, he says and adds:

- Unfortunately, I had to experience a boat theft before I downloaded the Seaber app on my mobile.

The new app for neighbor help at sea connects users so that boaters can see their friends at sea, use charts and ask other users for help.

GOT THE BOAT STOLEN: There had to be another boat theft before Richar A. Nordahl downloaded the new app for the boat people. Now he is notified on the phone if the boat is moved.

GOT THE BOAT STOLEN: There had to be another boat theft before Richar A. Nordahl downloaded the new app for the boat people. Now he is notified on the phone if the boat is moved. Read all

The boat was stolen

Nordahl is looking forward to a long boating season in his brand new Beneteau Antares 680. The previous one was stolen in early June.

- What happened?

To make a painful story short, someone used the boat as a base for a theft raid south along the coast from Grimstad. It was eventually found in Kristiansand. Then the perpetrators were asleep on board, and the boat was full of stolen goods.

The joy that the boat had been found was short for Nordahl.

- Unfortunately, it had received so much beating inside and out that it was condemned, he says and takes a short break before continuing:

- I was probably a little more than depressed right then. The boat was the life of the family and our circle of friends. Fortunately, the insurance covered the cost of a new boat.

Nordahl is not alone in being depressed due to boat theft. In 2019, the insurance industry paid out NOK 507 million after damage to leisure boats. 62 million of this sum constitutes theft of boats and movables, recent figures from Finans Norge show.

Here you can download the Seaber app

WHERE IS OUR YOUTH? It was on an islet in the skerries outside Kristiansand that the idea of the Seaber app was conceived. - I noticed that many parents were worried when the boating season was underway, says general manager of Seaber, Trond Erik Bognø.

- The question always came out a little in the afternoon: Where are our youth? The youth were, of course, out sailing in a boat, alone or with friends. The parents were ashore and were worried. That's when the idea for a tracking app at sea was conceived.

When the app was developed, Seaber used focus groups to test the user-friendliness, among other things, they included young people aged 15 to 18 years.

- It was very positive that the young people thought it was a security that the parents knew where they were at sea. The app was not perceived as monitoring by mother and father.

Bognø and the development team in Seaber quickly found out that the app has many potential users.

- With one million leisure boats and several million smartphones in use, the app becomes an effective digital tool that makes boating life safer and more fun for boaters, says Bognø. He emphasizes that they would like input from the boat people about the app's usability:

- This is an app developed by boaters, for boaters. As a user-driven company, we would like tips and suggestions for improvements via the app's chat function. Here it is just to let us know what new features should be added to the app, and what can be done better.

Updated charts

The app, which can be downloaded for free today, works on both iOS and Android phones. It has a number of features that make it particularly suitable for boaters. The key word is neighbor help at sea.

Via the app, the boat can also be marked as missing so that it becomes visible to other Seaber users. Tracking and tagging requires you to purchase the Boatfinder solution. It includes two years of use.

- You can see where your friends are at sea and communicate with them. The charts from the Norwegian Coastal Administration are in the app and cover the entire coastline from north to south. You can also track your boat, and you will be notified if it is moved, Bognø explains.

Download the app here

After Richard A. Nordahl's boat was stolen last year, he downloaded the app from Seaber. It provides extra security, both when he himself is at sea, and when the boat is moored for the night.

After Richard A. Nordahl's boat was stolen last year, he downloaded the app from Seaber. It provides extra security, both when he is at sea, and when the boat is moored for the night. Read the whole

Alerts boat owner

Wise of damage, Nordahl has chosen to install the app and mentioned Boatfinder.

- Boatfinder is simply explained a small GPS-based tracking device that communicates with the app. The whole system costs a little under three thousand kroner, and is worth every penny. The small box is easily mounted on board, and has a battery life of at least two years.

- If the boat moves, I am notified via the app. Now I sleep well at night, and potential boat thieves will not get an easy job in the future, says Nordahl and smiles.

- What are you most happy with?

- Of course, tracking the boat is important, but I also like the updated maps in the app very much. The maps even follow the direction of travel of the boat and are easy to maneuver. The family can also follow where I am via the app. But best of all: the whole solution is on the phone in my own pocket. It does not get easier.

62 MILLION: In 2019, boats and movables were stolen from boats worth 62 million.

WARNINGS AND SCARE: With the Boatfiner service from Seaber, you get notification if the boat is moved and you can follow the map where it is.

The magical boating life

Nordahl and his wife moved from Oslo to Grimstad and Sørlandet 21 years ago.

- It was only when I understood what people were talking about when it came to boats, and I have had the boat at sea all year round since I moved here. It is both a leisure activity and a means of transport. In addition, I fish a little. There is simply something magical about having a boat, he says.

He is proud to have become an active part of the neighbor help at sea, thanks to the app from Seaber.

- Now I can easily assist those who have problems on the boat trip. And I can even ask for help.

- Would you recommend Seaber to other boat owners?

- Undoubtedly. I had heard about Seaber before my boat was stolen, but I was not aware of all the good solutions in the app, he says and concludes:

- I encourage all boat owners to test the app. It costs nothing. Join the neighbor help at sea. The more we are, the safer the sea becomes for all of us.

Make sure you and your family have a safe and good summer at sea:

Download the Seaber app now

The app from Seaber makes boating safer, easier and more fun.

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