Insurance benefits for Seaber customers

"We believe the cooperation with Seaber AS can contribute to increased security and safeguarding values for all those travelling at sea"

KNBF at Norske Sjø insurance enters into a partnership with Seaber AS to strengthen its contribution to a safer boating life. The investment will make it easier to get help at sea, and secure customers' values.

- We believe that the collaboration with Seaber AS can contribute to increased safety and securing of values for everyone who travels at sea or owns a leisure boat, says organizational consultant Stig Hvide Smith.

Unique solution to get help
KNBF its SEAB app you can using your mobile or tablet quickly and easily ask other boats for help. If you send a request for help, your boat will be specially marked in the nautical chart for all users, and nearby boats will receive your request on their mobile platform.

You can also follow the position of friends and family members in the chart when they allow it.

Notification shall reduce theft and damage
associated tracking device Boat Finder allows you, at any time, can see the position of your boat, and you are notified if your boat from moving when you are not sailing.

- Notification and the opportunity to follow the boat's movements help to safeguard the values of our customers. We also know that objects that are marked with security or tracking prevent theft, says Hvide Smith.

If you mark your boat as missing, it will be visible as missing in the map for all users. The tracking device is battery-powered and GPS-based, and can be used in all boat types.