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In the Seaber app, you'll find everything you need in one place

Chat and schedule trips
Nautical charts
Neighbouring help

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In the Seaber app you will find everything you need for life at sea.

Social and easy

Seaber allows you to follow friends, find places and ask for help from other Seaber users when the need is there. And with one of our supported tracking devices, you'll also know what it's like with your boat when you're not there yourself.

You can also use the app to follow your kids while they're out in a boat, so that both you and they are safe while travelling at sea.

With Seaber, there is an end to misunderstandings, cumbersome map solutions and many different applications just to achieve a simple thing, well-being and safety at sea.

Neighbours help and safety

Neighbouring help allows you to ask boats nearby for help, advice and guidance. It can be very useful when it is not a critical situation.

Seaber works with, among other things, the Rescue Company, so that if you need more than Neighbor's Help, they're just a little push away.

You can also use the app to keep up with your kids when they're out in a boat, or when your husband or wife takes a walk on their own and you want to make sure they're okay.

This means the icons in the map

Follow friends and family

The ones you've added as friends will come up with this icon in your map.

Part of the same community

Here's a Seaber user you're not friends with (yet). Wave and say hello, then!

Ask for help

Here there are some who need the help of a good neighbor at sea.

Provide help

Here is a good neighbor on the way to help someone who has requested it.

Find missing vessel

With the tracking device connected to the app, you can mark the vessel as missing in the map, it will then be visible to other Seaber users and you can get help finding it again.

The sea is for everyone - so is Seaber

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